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Hidden Valley Springs Resort. An ecological tour to a unique place call Hidden Valley. Its well preserved and protected vegetation flourishes in a 300 feet deep crater covering an area of 110 hectares, believed to have been formed by volcanic upheaval thousands of years ago. A private resort that boast of a virgin forest, century old trees, giant ferns, wild orchids, a hidden waterfall, and several natural spring pools consommates the exhilarating ambiance. A nature lovers haven for the dipping, guarantees a well-spent day. Tour includes entrace fee buffet lunch and snack.

Diversions are certainly no problem in this tropical eden with leisure activities calendared throughout the year and amenities offered by some 350 tourist establishments.


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Tropical gardens and pure crystalline water preserved as Maria Makiling would have it.

Hidden Valley is a secluded spot wedged between two mystical mountains rich in folklores. It is a place blessed with nature's invigorating gifts of water, flowers, trees, and inspiring scenery.

Only an hour's drive from Manila, Hidden Valley is a tourist destination for a day or overnight stay. It provides first class hotel accommodations, local and international foods, and endless opportunities for a peaceful relaxation

Its main feature is a body of waterfalls, natural spring and pools. Be ready to dip in the cool waters, constantly flowing from the mountaintop, said to be rainfall accumulated through the years. There is also a warm, natural spring pool and a soda pool. Swim in all or take your pick.

Or if you just want to be left alone, you can get lost in the awesome beauty and stillness of the surrounding greenery, wild flowers, and century-old trees

Hidden Valley is place where time stops and Nature provides a relaxing show

Laguna, already known for its verdant forest and natural springs, have become even more famous with Hidden Valley spring, a rustic resort, nestled among the mountains of Calauan

Located some 75 kilometers South of Manila, the Valley brings refreshingly modern changes as well as quaint touch of the past. Hidden Valley Springs Resort is a mere one and a half hour drive from Manila, snaking to Calauan, via Alaminos, Laguna, just behind Mount Makiling.

A natural wonderland, Hidden Valley sprawls along 10 hectares of a well-preserved rainforest area ablaze with tall waters. It is managed by the Valley Resort Corporation under a contract with the Heirs of Eugenia V. Roxas, Inc

Stories have it that the Valley was once a volcanic crater. No wonder the cocoa trees, the coconuts and the lanzones planted blossomed as though the Valley had been their habitat for centuries. Its lanzones remain the sweetest in the whole of Laguna.

Hidden Valley is a mountain resort sunk about 1,000 feet below sea level and harbors rare plants and animals. Eons ago, geologists believe, the cataclysmic eruption of Mt. Makiling and Mt. Banahaw created subterranean caverns around these now extinct volcanoes. The area around Laguna is pock-marked with such caverns, although many of the depressions are filled with water. Because of the empty spaces, the earth above which, in due time, became covered with vegetation. The forest and their fauna thrived, untouched by typhoons that yearly visited the area. In the middle of one of these depressions in Calauan, a small waterfall was born, while several streams, with waters clear enough for drinking, fed several man-made pools. Facilities and Amenities

Hidden Valley Springs Hidden Valley Springs Hidden Valley Springs

Resort Facilities.
Warm & Cold natural swimming pools, Gazebos (first come first serve), Air-conditioned dressing rooms, Shower and Lockers, A Short hike to Hidden Falls, Table Tennis, Darts, Volleyball, Mahjong chess & playing cards, Air-conditioned room accommodation with private toilet & bath, hot & cold water, verandah or deck providing vista of the Garden.

Conference Facilities.
TV monitors, Overhead projectors, Whiteboard with markers, Microphones, VHS player, Laser Disc players, Karaoke / Videoke, Cassette & CD players

Other Services.
Baby sitting services, Laundry Services, Gift & Sundry store, Safety deposit boxes, Medical clinic, 24 Hours Room Service, Handicapped friendly rooms



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